Adding Habbos

How to add and edit Habbos.

Packet Finder/Editor.

1.) Load up the Packet Finder/Editor.

2.) Turn the PacketSniffer on and go into a private room with no other Habbos.

3.) There should be coding like below: (Your Habbo will be i:0 in an empty room that's been inactive for 1min+)

These are what each code means:

4.) Now you can start changing a few things

N1.) If you don't change the room ID it changes your account (you have to move before you see the change)
N2.) You can have multiple account numbers/names/locations despite it not being allowed usually
N3.) Location changing is VERY simple for these - 6 6 2.0 for example would be inside a room stacked twice
N4.) All new clones start life as facing Upper-Right.

5.) Now you've changed these click send and you will have your clone to start playing around with.

6.) It is also useful to understand simple flatctrls to move and animate your Habbo:

Here is a simple flatctrl:

This is its meaning:

N1.) If you change the roomID you will change what clone/Habbo you're dealing with
N2.) If you change the Right, Left, Stack.Stack you are again dealing with placements
N3.) If you change the Head-Turns and Body-Turns you can get your Habbo to face different ways

Also further flatctrls allow you to Wave/Dance/Walk/Talk etc:

Move for example:

The mv means move and the numbers are again placement values

Here is a list of other commands:
Dances (Non-HC)
Swims (Lido/RoofTop Rumble only)
Sits down
Lays down
Mouth Moves


Also you can make your Clones/Habbos talk clientside using headers:
Shout (The letter changes depending on your roomID)
Say (The letter changes depending on your roomID)
Whisper (The letter changes depending on your roomID)

- Tutorial was written by Alex (Shenk.)
Any errors in this tutorial should be emailed to or reported on the ShoutBox.