Bot Mutants

How to make a mutant from a Habbo.

Packet Finder/Editor.

1.) Load up the Packet Finder/Editor. (Skip to Step6 if you just want to start making mutants)

2.) Turn the PacketSniffer on and enter a public room with a bot.

3.) Now look for a packet that looks like the below: (The bot will be i:0 in all rooms)

4.) Now copy this code and go into an empty guest room.

5.) Send this packet and then move around a bit - you should become the bot

6.) Now start editing - these are what each code means:

N1.) Editing some values will crash your client and also do NOT remove any code, just change it.
N2.) Changing both hair values can give you two hair styles at once
N3.) See my "Adding Habbos" tutorial to find out how to add multiple bots and make them move.

- Tutorial was written by Alex (Shenk.)
Any errors in this tutorial should be emailed to or reported on the ShoutBox.