Buy Multiple Furni

How to trick the client into letting you buy multiple furni for the same price as one.

A program that connects to Habbo and has a "MassTask" option,
Credits to buy the furni.

1.) Load up the program.

2.) Open the catalogue to the right page.

3.) Start the "MassTask" option and keep clicking "Buy" repeatedly.

4.) End the MassTask session and you should have between one and five of that furniture type for the price of one!

NOTE1: Alternativly to useing MassTask you could just wait for the hotel to be laggy.

[Currently no picture, sorry!]

- Tutorial was written by Alex (Shenk.), with codes told to me by: Mike (Office.Boy) and Dinnerbone.
Any errors in this tutorial should be emailed to or reported on the ShoutBox.