Clone Glitch

How to create clones that take over each other and repeatedly glitch:


1.) Create two new accounts one ending in "1" and the other in "11"
(e.g. ShenkGlitch1 & ShenkGlitch11)

2.) Log into both accounts (using either a loader or two browsers)

3.) Load "11" in an empty room - then reload with "11" (this sets the i: status to i:1)

4.) Now load the "1" into the room and reload 9times (making the i: status i:11)

5.) Now walk around or dance on both accounts.

How (ADD ON):
Something even better than above is when one of the clones leaves.

What this does:
This means the clone in the room now tries to lock onto anything it can
If you open your Hand and it has furni in it you become furni
You can also become other Habbos in the room

Everything you lock onto will be disproportioned due to height values
Everyone in the room will experience this slightly differently locking onto different things
If someone comes in AFTER the first clone leaves they will not see ANY of the glitch.

Why This Works:
the headers for IDs of a room for some reason get mixed up when they look like this:
i:1 Name: ShenkGlitch11
i:11 Name: ShenkGlitch1
It assume you just have two of the same account and then merge them together.

- Tutorial was written by Alex (Shenk.)
Any errors in this tutorial should be emailed to or reported on the ShoutBox.