Duplicate Furni

This is how some very rich people got a lot richer very quickly around 2006ish.

Furni to duplicate, patience, a room.

There was never a "100% way that it would always work" but the bug was around for a while so it had time for people to learn the best tactics for doing it.

1.) Put the furniture you wish to duplicate in an empty, unlocked room (not sure if it has to be unlocked, just never tried it with a locked room...).

2.) Stand in the room for 10-15mins.

3.) (Some people reload now, I found it best not to) Pick up all the furniture you wanted duplicated (make sure the room is empty again).

4.) Leave the room (make sure no one else goes in it either, and don't change the room details!) and wait on hotelview for about 5mins.

5.) Re-enter the room, all the furniture you put down originally should now be back in the room AND in your hand! (If it didn't work just try again).

N1.) Duplicated furni does DISAPPEAR if put in a room (and then the room is reset, i.e. everyone leaves) while it's real counterpart (the furni you duplicated) is also put down in a room. This is because the IDs clash and so the server rights itself and makes the second, duplicated, furni disappear!

N2.) Most people bypassed the NOTE1 dilemma by trading both the duplicated and the real furniture.

N3.) If the duplicated furniture is in your hand and you reload the client, it will also disappear.

- Tutorial was written by Alex (Shenk.)
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