Five Icons In Your Group Badge (HabboHomes)

This allowsyou to have five, instead of four, icons in your group badge!
This was originally found in around 2008.

A Habbo Group you own or have admin-access to, Firefox and the addon called: Tamped Data.

1.) Go into the group and click "Edit" at the top of the page.

2.) Click "Badge" and untick all the but the top box, in this box put the extra icon you want to add.

3.) Go to Tools (Alt+T) and click Tamper Data.

4.) Turn on Tamper Data (By clicking Start Tamper at the top).

5.) Click "Save" on the group-badge menu and a message will come up asking if you want to: "Tamper with request?", click Tamper.

6.) Now, under POST_DATA you should have a string that looks like this:

7.) Where I've highlighted red, the "code=" part if your specific icon... let's quickly go through each part for no real reason, yay!...:

s  = This is the type, either "s" for icon or "b" for background.
06 = This is the type of icon (01 to 67).
04 = This is the colouring (01 to 18).
4  = This is the placement (1 to 9).

8.) Okay, anyway... now you have the code you can turn Tamper Data off, otherwise it gets quite annoying.

9.) Now, re-open the group-badge menu and add all the other icons you want, note that you can't have a background or you'll error later on! (Also, keep the 5th icon code pasted somewhere).

10.) Turn Tamper Data back on and click "save" you should have a code a bit like this (In the same place in the POST_DATA field):

11.) Now, right at the end add your other icon's code so it looks like this:

12.) Now hit "OK" on the "Change content legth" pop-up and when the "Tamper with request?" pop-up box comes back up, un-tick the box that says: Continue Tampering and then click "Submit".

13.) And... you're done! If you get an "invalid badge" message it's either patched or you did something wrong...

- Tutorial was written by Alex (Shenk.)
Any errors in this tutorial should be emailed to or reported on the ShoutBox.