HandsUp Glitch 2008

A glitch that came about on the 3rd of November 2008.


1.) Load up Habbo.

2.) Click "Update Habbo ID".

3.) Change into one of the Glitched-Shirts (listed below)

4.) Move about to face in this direction:

5.) Now Dance either the "Hab-Hop" or "Duck Funk":

6.) Now stop dancing and your clothing should change to look abit like this:

7.) Now wave.

N1.) When someone enters the room or reloads the room you must start again, for them you will be waving normally.

N2.) After completing this tutorial you can move around and the waving will work from all angles:

N3.) Another Glitch that came with this is SOMETIMES white spaces appeared between the arms while waving:

N4.) Also see the "Shirt Glitch 2008" which is linked to this glitch.

Shirts The Glitch Worked With:
  Sex: Description:
Male Suit
Male&Female  [HC] Jacket
Male&Female [HC] Poffy Jacket 

- Tutorial was written by Alex (Shenk.)
Thanks also to Ross (Finalz) for posing with me in the pics!
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