One-Way Gate Bugs & Tricks

How to exploit your One-way gate.

By using a roller and quick-placing a piece of furniture into the One-Way then removing the roller you can make your Habbo walk through furniture.
While sitting on a seat and using a one-way your Habbo will do one of two things either:
1.) Remain sitting while going through the gate then pause and switch to standing at the end.
2.) Walk through the gate normally glitch and sit at the end before then standing again.
By placing a furniture in front of the One-way after entering it you can stack people on top of each other on top of furniture.
By placing a one-way facing a door you use to be able to stand above the door (See One-Way Walling Tutorial), now it automatically kicks you.
If you put a one-way next to a bed you will teleport from one side to another and not lay down on it.

- Tutorial was written by Alex (Shenk.)
Thanks also to Danni (Zaphios) and (DarkMania) for posing with me in the pics!
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