Oneway Gate invisiblity Glitch

A glitch that was found in November 2009, it allows you to walk into walls using a Oneway Gate... then something weird happens and you vanish into nothingness.

Oneway Gate.

1.) Put a oneway gate up againt a wall (so the arrow is facing part with no tile).

2.) Now go through the gate.

3.) You should walk straight into the wall and thus disappear!

N1.) If you turn the oneway gate around you can get back out of the wall.

N2.) The locator arrow (above your head) randomly goes into the top-middle of the room, no matter where you go into the wall... it also goes higher up when you Zoom-out.

N3.) Your speech bubbles also appear in the middle of the room.

- Tutorial was written by Alex (Shenk.) with help from Maxwell.
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