Widgets/Stickers Off The Page (HabboHomes)

This tutorial enables you to place widgets/stickers off the page.
Thanks to Dinnerbone & eJustin

Firefox, HabboHome Widgets, "FireBug" (Firefox Addon).

1.) Open FireFox, Go onto Habbo, load up your Habbo and go to your HomePage and click the Edit button.

2.) Open up FireBug and click Inspect.

3.) Hover over the widget(Top bar) or Sticker(till the smallest sized rectangle is around it) and click.

4.) A load of code will now appear in the FireBug-HTML panel, look for a part that says something like below:

The parts highlighted in GREEN are the parts you need to take note of.

5.) Now click on the part that says "left/top" and this should happen:

Now, change the numbers to something like "left: -200; top: -100" or what ever and hit enter.

6.) The widget should now fly off the the placement so now you need to stick it there!

7.) To do this first put the below code into the URL bar and hit enter (nothing VISABLE should happen).

8.) Next put the below code in the URL, replacing "ID HERE" with the widget ID highlighted in green in the picture above.


9.) Now hit the save button and the widgets/stickers will move to the closest ALLOWED space to where you moved them (or just revert back occasionally).

- Tutorial was written by Alex (Shenk.)
Any errors in this tutorial should be emailed to or reported on the ShoutBox.