Old Clothes/HC Clothes without HC.

People often seem amazed with my Habbo figure (the old green hair, black hood, black trousers).
I've also seen other people going round saying stuff like: "Haha, I hacked Habbo, I have HC clothes without HC!".

So, thought it's time to burst those retards bubble and stop people asking me how I do it!
Basically, this is how it's done:
If you were wearing HC clothes/old clothes when the change happened (when Sulake changed the Habbo wardrobe) and then ignored the notices, pop-ups etc about changing your clothes... you kept them, even if your HC ran out...
That's it. That's all we've managed to do... hold out for 3days and bang, we have special clothes/hair!

- Tutorial was written by Alex (Shenk.)
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