Hexing Axed Bots Tutorial

Load a room while on Axed with Windows>Packet Log>Client on and search for something in the coding like this:

Client -- @\i:0 ---------------------- [This is your for room identifier number]
a:16065858 ------------------------ [This is your account number]
n:Shenk00 -------------------------- [This is your Habbo name]
f:1650718001255042701530005 -- [This is your figure ID] <<<<<<<<
l:3 5 0.0 ---------------------------- [This is your room line/position]
c:[Shenk] --------------------------- [This is your caption/mission]
s:m --------------------------------- [This is your sex]

Copy/Save the figure ID, you need it later on to make the bots look
[Note: If the bots arenít HC they can't dress HC and they'll just appear as the default]

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- Tutorial was written by Alex (Shenk.)
Any errors in this tutorial should be emailed to or reported on the ShoutBox.