Any Drink (Using AO to AP)

This tutorial enables you to not only get every drink in a public room from clicking on other Habbos but also how to get the ALL in a guest room.

Packet Finder/Editor and ArtMoney
[For a full list of Drink Names: Click Here]
[For an ArtMoney Tutorial: Click Here]
[Also my AddingHabbos Tutorial may be useful: Click Here]

HOW (Simple/Public Room):
1.) Load up Artmoney and Habbo and go into a room (Guest or Public)

2.) Search for "AO" on ArtMoney.

3.) Change them all to "AP".

4.) Click on a Habbo, Pet or Bot...
(You use to be able to click yourself - but now you can only do this while your Habbo's moving)

5.) Now a drink will appear in your hand from which ever space the Habbo/Bot/Pet you clicked on is (It only takes notice of the first number):
Placement 1 0 is drink=1
Placement 2 0 is drink=2
Placement 2 1 is drink=2
and so on...

HOW (Advanced):
To get a custom drink you need to create a new user much like the RawData methods just this user can have any name.

When you get your user packet it should look a little like below:

You will need to change the "H KQA0.0" bit, "H" is the room ID, it can be anything really... like "M" (-1 in vL64) will do... the KQA0.0 is the placement value, you will change it depending on the drink you want.

If you wanted DrinkID:26 for example you'd want you clone to be at square "26 26 26.0" which when put into vL64 would be "RFRF26.0".

(Note: My DrinkList (Click Here) has values of all the drinks in both numbers and vL64)

- Tutorial was written by Alex (Shenk.)
Any errors in this tutorial should be emailed to or reported on the ShoutBox.