Any Photo Into Habbo

How to make a Habbo Photo of any picture you want.

Packet Finder/Editor, Camera (Or Camera script), At least 1 Film

1.) Load up the Packet Finder/Editor.

2.) Go into one of the Rooftop Rumble rooms.

3.) Next send the code CP followed by your picture URL.

4.) An advertisement screen (CP) should now pop-up and your picture should pop-up soon after
(Note that not ALL pictures seem to work and the pictures must be quite large.)

5.) Now you have to wait for the Mini-screen (AGcam1) to hover over the picture you want to take.

6.) Take the picture of the Mini-screen (AGcam1) then save it as normal.

- Tutorial was written by Alex (Shenk.)
Any errors in this tutorial should be emailed to or reported on the ShoutBox.