Freezing - Raw Data

How to freeze flames/water/lights/doors etc using the Give Rights Raw Data method.
This script uses a RawData method, for a RawData Tutorial: Click Here]

Packet Finder/Editor and ArtMoney.
[For an ArtMoney Tutorial: Click Here]

1.) Load up The Packet Finder/Editor.

2.) Start the Packet-Finder and go into an empty room.

3.) First copy and paste the code that looks like this:

(Remember, this is only an example and doesn't have the correct Chrs. Thus it will error you if sent; find your own packet the way I have told you.)
And place it in a blank notepad [or something similar]

4.) Now enter the room with the item you want to freeze (Reload if the room is empty, this will change your ID), it can be anything from a Dragon to a ModeHatch.

5.) Now send the packet @o to the client to give yourself Owner-Rights if you do not already have them.
(Note: You require owner-rights to freeze doors/hatches/gates etc.)

6.) Now double-click the furni you wish to freeze and look inside your packetlogger, you should have a packet like below:

This means:

7.) Copy the ID and nothing else.

8.) Scroll to the bottom of the tutorial and look at the list to determin what you are freezing:

9.) Now write the packet as below:

for example:

The Letter that Length is detmined by is simple to work out:
Sting of 1 numbers = A [eg. ID is 1]
Sting of 2 numbers = B [eg. ID is 12]
Sting of 3 numbers = C [eg. ID is 123]
Sting of 4 numbers = D [eg. ID is 1234]
and so on.

10.) Now add this to your original packet to look abit like below:

for example:

(Remember, this is only an example and doesn't have the correct Chrs. Thus it will error you if sent; find your own packet the way I have told you.)

11.) Next change the value A_ to AJ in ArtMoney
[You may error here though it is unusual, if you do just reload your packetlogger and start again]

12.) Now send the packet and kick the Habbo that appears, the furni should now freeze.

N.) Some furni resets (this means it turns off) when you re-enter the room, The Doors/Non-resetting furni in the below list, do not however:


The Non-resetting freeze items
This means as long as you don't double-click the furni, it will stay frozen
- Bubble Lamp
- Butterflies
- DJ Table
- Droppings
- Flashy Christmas Tree
- Geyser
- Habboween Cauldren
- Hot Tub
- Lava Lamp
- Life Support (blood)
- Life Support (ooze)
- Raven
- Snow Storm
- Tiki waterfall
- Toucan
- Venomous Habbolus
- Ballerina Penguin
- Beautiful Penguin
- Boxer Penguin
- Bunny Penguin
- Christmas Penguin
- Clown Penguin
- Cowboy Penguin
- Disco Penguin
- Emperor Penguin
- Executive Penguin
- Fluorescent Penguin
- Hockey Penguin
- Infected Penguin
- Luchador Penguin
- Magic Penguin
- Musketeer Penguin
- Ninja Penguin
- Pilot Penguin
- Pirate Penguin
- Punk Penguin
- Robot Penguin
- Skater Penguin
- Summer Penguin
- Sumo Penguin
- Superhero Penguin
- XC Penguin
Freeze using: AS12345678-O-

The stuff that resets each time you re-enter a room
This means that the freezing is not perminant
- Amber Lamp (Blue)
- Amber Lamp (Red)
- Amber Lamp (Yellow)
- BirdBath (Blue)
- BirdBath (Green)
- BirdBath (Red)
- BirdBath (White)
- Cake
- Camp fire
- Candle Box
- Candle Tray
- Creepy Crypt
- Dance Floor
- Dragon Lamp (Blue)
- Dragon Lamp (Black)
- Dragon Lamp (Bronze)
- Dragon Lamp (Gold)
- Dragon Lamp (Green)
- Dragon Lamp (Jade)
- Dragon Lamp (Purple)
- Dragon Lamp (Red)
- Dragon Lamp (Silver)
- Dragon Lamp (Sky)
- Electric Candles
- Flaming Barrel
- Gothic Ectoplasm Fountain
- Gothic Candelabra
- Grandfather's Clock
- Haunted Grave
- Heavy Duty Fireplace
- Icelantern
- Irori
- Japanese Lantern
- Laser
- Lodge Candle
- Lodge Fireplace
- Manhole
- Menorah
- Mode fireplace
- Moon Lamp
- Oil Lamp
- Party SpotLight
- Powered Fan (Blue)
- Powered Fan (Brown)
- Powered Fan (Green)
- Powered Fan (LightBlue: Habbo Wind Turbine)
- Powered Fan (Orange: Arabian Fan)
- Powered Fan (Purple: Dragon Skin Fan)
- Powered Fan (Pink: Superlove Fan)
- Powered Fan (Red: Festive Fan)
- Powered Fan (Yellow)
- Ray Gun
- Shishi Odishi
- Skull Candle
- Snake
- Snow Globe
- Red Candle
- Red Candles on a Plate
- The Brain
- Tiki Beach Torch
- Tiki Statue
- Tubmaster
- Victorian Street Light
- Water Garden
- Weird Science Machine
- White Candle
- White Candles on a Plate
- Wood TV
Freeze using: AS12345678-O-

Door Freezing
Open the door/hatch then send the freeze packet.
- Antique Drapery
- Area Door
- Area Door (Black)
- Area Door (Blue)
- Area Door (Green)
- Area Door (Yellow)
- Area Door (White)
- Candy Hatch
- Gothic Gate
- Greek Marble Gate
- Ice Castle Gate
- Iced Hatch
- Iced Hatch (White)
- Iced Hatch (Urban)
- Iced Hatch (Rural)
- Iced Shutter (White)
- Iced Shutter (Urban)
- Iced Shutter (Rural)
- Laser Gate (Gold)
- Laser Gate (Blue)
- Laser Gate (Black: Security Fence)
- Laser Gate (Red)
- Lodge Door
- Marquee (Red Dragon)
- Marquee (Green)
- Marquee (Yellow)
- Marquee (White)
- Maze Shrubbery Gate
- Mode Hatch
- Mode Hatch (Red)
- Mode Hatch (White)
- Sand Castle Gate
- Snowy Maze Gate
- Spaceship Door (Blue)
- Spaceship Door (Emerald)
- Spaceship Door (Monolith Black)
- Spaceship Door (Pink)
- Spaceship Door (Yellow)
- Spaceship Door (White)
Freeze using: AS12345678-o- (Small O)

SHOULD be freezable
Items i've either seen frozen before or that should be possible to freeze, i will update if i work out how to freeze them
- TeleDoor Telepoter
- English Telepoter
- Portaloo Telepoter
- Imperial Telepoter
- Wardrobe Telepoter
- One way Door

Totally Unfreezable
This means because of an extra randomly generated packet, they cannot be frozen serverside, you can still freeze them clientside
- HoloDice
- DiceMaster
- Crystal Ball
- Love Randomiser
- Wheel of Destiny

- Tutorial was written by Alex (Shenk.)
Any errors in this tutorial should be emailed to or reported on the ShoutBox.