Lingo Injection

How to inject raw Lingo code (the code that the ShockWave Habbo was written in) into the client.

Packet Finder/Editor and ArtMoney
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1.) Basically all you do is use a RawData method to inject the code into the client... one of the best ways (although limiting due to there being a chr limit) is to inject this code into drinks - this means the code will be active for the whole time you have the drink!
For a tutorial on how to get any drink using RawData click HERE.

2.) Once you've got to the stage where your choosing your drink ID to inject (Step.7), instead inject your RawData code!

Now, you can pretty much be injecting anything right about now... you could ban the room, your could error everyone, you could fake trade everyone...
I only found out about this script about a day before it was patched so I didn't have much time to catch up on my lingo coding and do anything special... but below are a couple of codes that work.

Lingo Code examples:
puppetTranslation00      - (00 to 50) all make the client do inbuilt lingo slide-in/fade-in functions.
setPref("6FEB4C10","#1") - This changes to 6FEB4C10.txt file (aka the ShockwaveID) to what ever you want.
                           changing the 1 to a ShockwaveID that's banned for example, will ShockwaveID ban everyone that's in the room when you run the code.

If you want to tell me more codes, feel free to chat with me on the Shoutbox or email me at

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- Tutorial was written by Alex (Shenk.), with codes told to me by: Mike (Office.Boy) and Dinnerbone.
Any errors in this tutorial should be emailed to or reported on the ShoutBox.