Multicolored Pets

How to make multicoloured pets.

20Creds and ArtMoney.
[For an ArtMoney Tutorial: Click Here]

1.) Load up Habbo.

2.) Open the catalogue page to pets

3.) Write an asortment of "i", "l" and "!" as the name of the pet (15 maximum) For Example:

4.) Click buy but do NOT click "Confirm buy" yet!

5.) Go onto ArtMoney and search for your "!il" name.

6.) Change it to PetName[Chr2]Figure[Chr2]Hex For Example:
To create a normal Pet you would use something like: PetName[Chr2]013[Chr2]B0C993
To create a hex Pet with real description etc you'd use something like: PetName[Chr2]013[Chr2]FF0000
To create a multicoloured pet, you must change the Figure status to something invalid! so something like: PetName[Chr2]X[Chr2]FF0000
Now, this would stop your pet having a descripting but it would still look like a Hex Pet, to make it multicoloured use a random Hex value between six and nine characters long.

(Note: the "il!" name must have the same amount of characters as what you change it to)

7.) Click buy and place your pet on the floor, it should now be multi-coloured.

- Tutorial was written by Alex (Shenk.), codes were taken from Simmzy's tutorial on TFH3.com.
Any errors in this tutorial should be emailed to or reported on the ShoutBox.