Probably the most famous script of all time, how to make your Habbo different skins.

[For an ArtMoney Tutorial: Click Here]

1.) Load up Habbo and ArtMoney.

2.) On Habbo login and click on "Update Habbo ID".

3.) Go on ArtMoney and search for what you want to change (listed below)
eg. "hd=" which will be your "head".

4.) On ArtMoney search for the code (listed below) add the number you wish to chane your figure to.
eg. "hd=911" would be the old man head

5.) Now on Habbo press "Back" and type your password again.

6.) Click "Next".

7.) Click "OK" in "Habbo ID".

1.) Load up Habbo and ArtMoney..

2.) On Habbo login and click on "Update Habbo ID".

3.) Go on ArtMoney and search for either: "lh=001" (Left hand), "rh=001" (Right hand) or "bd=001" (Body).

4.) Select all the values and change them to have "000" on the end.
eg. "lh=001" would become "lh=000" and you'd have no left hand.

5.) Click "OK" on Habbo in the "Habbo ID".

Each code and what it means:

hr = Hair [Hair]
hd = Head [Head]
bd = Body [Torso, Legs and Feet]
fc = Face [Nose, Mouth]
ey = Eyes [Eyes]
ch = Chest [Shirt-Torso]
rs = Right sleeve [Right Shirt-Sleeve]
ls = Left sleeve [Left Shirt-Sleeve]
rh = Right hand [Right arm]
lh = Left hand [Left arm]
lg = Legs [Trousers]
ft = Feet [Shoes]
sd = Shadow [Shadow]

List of Mutant codes:

Hair codes (hr=):
  Code: Description:
              hr=000  Invisible
hr=800 Plain hair
hr=900 Top of head bold
hr=997 Headphones (public rooms only) 

Head codes (hd=):
  Code: Description:
              hd=000  Invisible
hd=555 Female receptionist
hd=665 Black artist
- hd=799 Chef's Hat (public rooms only) 
hd=888 Male Perm
hd=911 Old man

Eye codes (ey=):
  Code: Description:
              ey=000  Invisible
- ey=006 Sunglasses (public rooms only) 
ey=666 Cyclops eye

Chest codes (ch=):
  Code: Description:
              ch=000  Invisible
ch=044 Medallion
ch=555 Receptionist body
ch=665 Black Artist body
ch=700 Tie body
ch=997 DJ T-shirt (public rooms only) 
- ch=999 "MacDonald's Shirt"

Cinema costumes:
  Name: Hair Codes:  Chest Codes:  RightSleave Codes:  LeftSleave Codes:  Shadow Codes: 
  Angel hr=524 ch=524 - - -
  Boxer hr=700 ch=526 rs=526 ls=526 -
  Chef hr=799 - - - -
  Clown hr=523 ch=523 - - sh=523
  Elvis hr=520 ch=520 - - -
  King hr=521 ch=521 rs=521 ls=521 -
  Mr. Darcy  hr=525 ch=525 rs=525 ls=525 -
  Queen hr=522 ch=522 - - -
  Squaw hr=527 ch=527 - - -
  Viking hr=528 ch=528 - - -

- Tutorial was written by Alex (Shenk.)
Any errors in this tutorial should be emailed to or reported on the ShoutBox.