Serverside - Furni Tags

One of the most famous outbreaks of scripting.
This script uses a RawData method, for a RawData Tutorial: Click Here]

Packet Finder/Editor, Artmoney and Friends on your FriendList.
[For an ArtMoney Tutorial: Click Here]

1.) Load up your Packet Finder/Editor and Artmoney.

2.) On ArtMoney search "@a" and change the first 5 to "AJ".
(You can error - if you do start again)

3.) Send a message to someone on your console (They wont get the message) and look at the packets for there Console ID.

4.) Keep sending messages to people until you find an ID that has 8 numbers.

5.) Go to the room you wish to ServerSide in.
(MUST have furni inside)

6.) Look through the Furni packets for a furni with a ID that is 7 numbers long
(If there isn't one try another room.)

7.) Now go into ArtMoney and search for the Console ID and change it to the furni ID but with a "/" in front of it so:
Console ID =
would become Furni ID =

8.) If you don't crash send a Console message with furnicodes inside to the person with the console ID

9.) Reload the room - It should now appear!
(If not, close all the programs and start again.)

This also works with:

Console ID 2-numbers long - Furni ID 1-number long,
Console ID 3-numbers long - Furni ID 2-numbers long,
Console ID 4-numbers long - Furni ID 3-numbers long,
Console ID 5-numbers long - Furni ID 4-numbers long,
Console ID 6-numbers long - Furni ID 5-numbers long,
Console ID 7-numbers long - Furni ID 6-numbers long,
Console ID 8-numbers long - Furni ID 7-numbers long,
Console ID 9-numbers long - Furni ID 8-numbers long.

- Tutorial was written by Alex (Shenk.)
Any errors in this tutorial should be emailed to or reported on the ShoutBox.