It's rapidly becoming apparent that I don't have time to do the site how I invisioned - despite lockdown giving me a couple of extra hours a day.
Due to this my plan is going to change somewhat... I'm just going to bung everything up without cool structured DB queries, awesome interactive lightbox galleries and not finishing any of the projects I abondoned years ago... so... stay tuned, soon this site will be full of junk.

Here's a sneak peak I made for Dek including all images I had of his rooms in my screenshot collection:
Dek's Sneak Peak

Hopefully chaotic galleries and downloads pages will also be here soon... as well as ridiculously large, unredacted (Full of all the gruesome, abusive and childish shit I had forgotten I did! 😛), archives from all of my shoutboxes, news, forums etc...
- Alex (Shenk).