It looks like rotation errors have been patched at some point this morning!
Anything already rotated that doesn't reset on room reset (seats, beds, pet balls, marzipan men, pet waterbowls, floor rugs, woven rugs, fireplaces, fences, uneven xy stackable items, rollers) remain in their broken state - but if they're moved, you will not be able to put them back!

Also, Pura beds (bed_buget_one) have been fixed - however if you had put the former PH Box state somewhere weird, you'll now have a nice glitch:

More to come...
- Alex (Shenk).

Because it was annoying me I couldn't easily access it - I've added a JS version of my vL64 Decoder onto the navigation bar at the top.
I seem to remember it turned out I was doing it slightly different than Sulake when their method was eventually found - but mine works up/down to some huge numbers so I'm sure it'll do for now!

Also, Dek found you can put a floorrug in black by first rotating it to `6` whilst it's in a place it can be rotated normally and then you can manually move it into black:

More to come...
- Alex (Shenk).

Did someone ask for all my tutorials to get uploaded? Here's the dump: Tutorials. It's unedited and exactly what it was like in the last reincarnation of ShenkX.
Hopefully at some point I'll have time to go through everything and make it a bit more user friendly... but for now, have the dump!

I hear a raw injection method was found in Chess/battleships/etc - it basically let you inject Chr1 (SOH) which let you inject anything into the client after. This has since been patched.

More to come...
- Alex (Shenk).

G-Earth is back thanks to the efforts of Mikee, DarkStar851 and Joni - you can grab it here:

Also, I was playing around with some rotation errors earlier and found a sink rotated to '5' gives a nice Director Player Error alert if you're stood anywhere in a room apart from the space immediately to the right:

More to come...
- Alex (Shenk).

Well, that was a long break. But, like many of us, Origins has bought me back.
So... let's try and get the old tutorials up this time, and some old screenshots... and maybe some old tools.

Note: Yesterday's update included proper implimentation of an encryption method. This means G-Earth and other tools are currently broken - but don't expect them to be down for long. 😉

Also, while we're here - let's congratulate Herrera for both finding and also for helping to resolve an RCE:

More to come...
- Alex (Shenk).

It's rapidly becoming apparent that I don't have time to do the site how I invisioned - despite lockdown giving me a couple of extra hours a day.
Due to this my plan is going to change somewhat... I'm just going to bung everything up without cool structured DB queries, awesome interactive lightbox galleries and not finishing any of the projects I abondoned years ago... so... stay tuned, soon this site will be full of junk.

Here's a sneak peak I made for Dek including all images I had of his rooms in my screenshot collection:
Dek's Sneak Peak

Hopefully chaotic galleries and downloads pages will also be here soon... as well as ridiculously large, unredacted (Full of all the gruesome, abusive and childish shit I had forgotten I did! 😛), archives from all of my shoutboxes, news, forums etc...
- Alex (Shenk).