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Flash Client:
[HabboFsh: Serverside: Working] Furniture Outside Room (SWF Edit method)
[HabboFsh: Serverside: Patched] Adding Catalogue Sections (Because Sulake were just hiding the sections)
[HabboFsh: Serverside: Patched] Buying Any Item (Using the HC catalogue section)
[HabboFsh: ServerSBug: Working] Hoverboard Side-Sitting
[HabboFsh: ServerSBug: Working] Hoverboard Vanishing
[HabboFsh: ServerSBug: Working] No shoes (UFO method)
[HabboFsh: ServerSBug: Working] UFO standing up & no shoes
[HabboFsh: ServerSBug: ???????] Multiple Pets (Using a teleporter)
[HabboFsh: ServerSBug: Patched] Mutants (Using the add_avatar Facebook method)

Shockwave Client:
[HabboSkW: Serverside: Patched] Any Photo Into Habbo (CCT Editing)
[HabboSkW: Serverside: Patched] Any RoomGuest Value
[HabboSkw: Serverside: Patched] Free Stickies
[HabboSkW: Serverside: Patched] Furni Outside Walls
[HabboSkW: Serverside: Patched] Headless Pets
[HabboSkw: Serverside: Patched] Rooms On Hotel View
[HabboSkW: Serverside: Patched] Rotate Rugs Into Black
[HabboSkW: Serverside: Patched] Serverside Presents 2
[HabboSkW: Serverside: Patched] Serverside Trophies 2

Other Tutorials

ActionScript3 Tutorials [TEMP PLACEMENT]
Tutorial 1: Pacman

Other Tutorials [TEMP PLACEMENT]
MAC Address Spoofing/Changing

Habbo Tutorials:

Dicerigging (Old methods and an explanation on why it's now not realistically possible)
Drink Index
Eastereggs and Tips & Tricks
Finding a Habbo's Age
Habbo Packets Explained
MOD Commands [Working but needs updating!]
Old Clothes/HC Clothes Without HC
Sign Index

Rotation Fux (Furni/Posters In Black)

(All clientside tutorial currently outdated)

3In-A-Bed Glitch
No Login Date
Posters In Black (Catalogue Method)
Posters In Doorway (Teleporter Method)
Stick A Teleporter Door
Super High Stacking
White Pet Balls (Same method as bright lights/shining)

Simple ArtMoney Tutorial
How to use Axed "Bots" [Axed is now dead]
How to HexEdit Axed [Axed is now dead]
How to Browse Cast (.CCT Files) Using Adobe Director

(Out-Of-Date)Drink List Public Rooms (Amazing how OTT I can get... Lol.)
(Patched)RawData Tutorial (v30 update)
(Patched)RawData Tutorial

(Patched)Add Anyone To You FriendList
(Patched)Any Dance - Raw Data
(Patched)Any Drink ((AO)Placement to (AP)Drink)
(Patched)Any Drink - Raw Data
(Patched)Any Drink - Raw Data (v30 update)
(Patched)Any Drink Name - Raw Data
(Patched)Any Photo Into Habbo
(Patched)Any Photo Into Habbo (After The Patch) (Shenk's Version)
(Patched)Blank Games - Raw Data
(Patched)Blank Games - Raw Data (v30 update)
(Patched)Catalogue Scripts (Buying Super Rares/BlueDark&Yellow Pods/Blue&Green&Yellow Bear Rugs/Army Chair Plastos from the Catalogue)
(Patched)Dance To Drink
(Patched)Dance To Drink (After The Patch)
(Patched)Dance To Sleep
(Patched)Dance To Talk
(Patched)Dance With Drinks
(Patched)Dicerigging (Signing)
(Patched)Dicerigging (Speedup Applications)
(Patched)Drink To Face - Raw Data
(Patched)Empty Lido Screen - Raw Data
(Patched)Error Bottles - Raw Data
(Patched)Error Rooms - Fish Error (LeetKiss' Method) - Raw Data
(Patched)Error Rooms - Invalid Games - Raw Data
(Patched)Error Rooms - Invalid Games (Emz' Method) - Raw Data
(Patched)Error Rooms - Invalid Games (Jexius' Method) - Raw Data
(Patched)FI Posters
(Patched)Full Freezing Tutorial - Raw Data
(Patched)Full Freezing Tutorial - Raw Data (v30 update)
(Patched)Ghost Teleporter Doors (aka Nuking)
(Patched)Hands Up
(Patched)Hex Pets
(Patched)Invalid Photos
(Patched)Invisibility (After The Patch)
(Patched)Lingo Injection
(Patched)Long Text (Long Room names etc)
(Patched)Marketplace Trade Error (Found by xDanilo, released by ShenkX)
(Patched)Moodlight Black Out - Raw Data
(Patched)Moodlight Blackout Using Presets [Only worked on Release42]
(Patched)Moodlight Error - Raw Data
(Patched)Multicolored Pets
(Patched)Mutant Colouring
(Patched)Mutant Eye Colouring
(Patched)Posters Above Walls (Poster to Post.It)
(Patched)Posters ANYWHERE - Raw Data
(Patched)Posters ANYWHERE - Raw Data (v30 update)
(Patched)Posters In Black - Original Way
(Patched)Posters In Black - Stretched Walls (FULL Tutorial)
(Patched)Posters Below Walls
(Patched)Scratch Dice
(Patched)ServerSide Furni - Photos
(Patched)ServerSide Furni - Present Tags
(Patched)ServerSide Furni - Furni Tags
(Patched)ServerSide Furni - Trophie Tags
(Patched)Shout To Hobba Badge
(Patched)Spin A PetBall
(Patched)Sticky Colouring
(Patched)Stop Action - Raw Data
Stickys In Doorway (Done by adding a wallpart instead of the doorpart)
(Patched)Trade Error Photo - Invalid Caption
(Patched)Walling Habbos
(Patched)Warping - Raw Data

(Patched)A` to AP
(Patched)Adding Habbos
(Patched)Adding Furni 1
(Patched)Adding Furni 2
(Patched)Bot Mutants
(Patched)Bot Mutants (v30 update)
(Patched)Hex Colouring
(Patched)Inking (#ink)
(Patched)PublicRoom Furni To PrivateRoom
(Patched)Swimsuit Switch
(Patched)Swimsuit To PrivateRoom
(Patched)Swimsuit To PrivateRoom (v30 update)
(Patched)Wall Fuckups (#wall)

(Patched)Add Anyone To Your Group (Habbo Homes)
(Patched)AltCode Names
(Patched)Altcode/MOD Names '09
(Patched)Auto-Events Upon Login (HabboHomes Based)
(Patched)AX Related Glitches (2009)
(Patched)Bald Glitch
(Patched)Buy Multiple Furni
(Patched)Clone Glitch
(Patched)Duplicate Furni
(Patched)Effects Bugs
(Patched)Fish Error (ServerSide)
(Patched)Five Icons In Group Badge (Habbo Homes)
(Patched)Hands Up Glitch 2008
(Patched)Invisible Stickies (Habbo Homes)
(Patched)Lido Mixed Glitch
(Patched)Mission Inject (Similar to Serverside Present/Furniphotos)
(Patched)Multiple Account Glitch
(Patched)Neverending Wheel Of Destiny (Possibly patched, not tested in quite a while!)
(Patched)One-way Gate Bugs
(Patched)Oneway Gate Invisiblity Glitch [Patched in Release42]
(Patched)One-way Walling
(Patched)Posters in Black Glitch [Patched in Release42]
(Patched)Shirt Glitch 2008
(Patched)Weird Tags (Habbo Homes)
(Patched)Walling & Dooring Furni
(Patched)Widgets/Stickers Off Page (Habbo Homes)